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Title: Sony HCD-CL1 - CD Doesn't.
Post by: Turnip on May 24, 2016,11:02:08
Hi Folks,

Have one in where the motor that works the disc change mechanism was spinning it's drive belt. Replaced the belt to find motor ground to a stop. Had a good look as suspected a gear without a tooth or something jamming the mechanism - Found nothing.

Download the manual to discover it gives no clue about gear timing, though I hadn't disturbed any apart from the loading tray trying to get to the belt, and ran it without the tray - Still stuck.

Later discovered the belt can be replaced by removing 2 screws holding the rear panel with the disc check opto-couplers and lifting it out -  I'm still stuck though - Chris.
Title: Re: Sony HCD-CL1 - CD Doesn't.
Post by: downunder on May 25, 2016,03:47:25
Hi Chris,

Aye, know how you feel. I have nightmares about these things. The mecha timing for Sony is usually in a separate manual to the service manual.

I have the ones for the carousel types, but this is a cd stacker. Only one I have is for a different model, but it may be similar.             Bruce
Title: Re: Sony HCD-CL1 - CD Doesn't.
Post by: Turnip on May 25, 2016,10:44:08
Thanks Bruce,

Totally different of course. Tend to suspect CD deck repair on this model involves fitting a replacement, but being a 2001 model, no chance. Mind you, if I meet another, I know the quick way of replacing the belt, and save hours of unprofitable fiddling about when it doesn't work - Chris.