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Title: KD-55X8005C
Post by: leec32 on December 21, 2018,07:33:09


i have a SONY KD-55X8005C and last week all of a sudden it went off with no power, i replaced the power board and t con board and had constant green/orange blinking

ive done the latest via usb update which seemed to go ok but after it had finished it wouldn’t power again.

after tinkering around i have found out that if i disconnect the LVDS cable from the main board all powers up, backlights lit up sound etc but obviously no picture

i actually now think my original power board and tcon are ok because i have tried with both of them again and getting the same.

could it be the LVDS cable or the main board

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

thank you
Title: Re: KD-55X8005C
Post by: downunder on December 23, 2018,04:34:16

I have had the same experience with a KDL-W850. Changed both main and T-con boards twice and updated the firmware. Ended up writing it off.

Try reconnecting the LVDS cable and removing the 2 flexi cables between the T-con and the panel. Does it power up then? If it does, reconnect one of those flexies and try again. If 1/2 the screen lights up pure white, refit that flexi and remove t'other one. Power on. If the other 1/2 of the screen stays black or is covered in vertical lines, then the panel is dragging things down.

Title: Re: KD-55X8005C
Post by: leec32 on December 23, 2018,05:02:57
hi bruce

thanks for the reply, when i leave the LVDS connected and remove the other 2 i have powered up and just get the green/orange flashing light again now
Title: Re: KD-55X8005C
Post by: downunder on December 24, 2018,02:28:40

 Alternate flashing green/amber light means it's agitating for a firmware upgrade. When I ordered my T-cons, the supplier told me that they may need a firmware upgrade. Now I don't know if the T-con is covered by the general upgrade or if it needs a special jig, but I suspect this is where I came unstuck with mine, because no matter what combination of boards I used and upgraded, I never once saw a picture.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to proceed until it gets what it wants. As I couldn't advance my repair, I pulled the pin on it. Good luck with it.

Title: Re: KD-55X8005C
Post by: leec32 on December 24, 2018,05:39:30
Thanks bruce, i did speak to a sony tech and they said it is probably the lcd panel  :41: