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Title: LG 32LB550B - No go.
Post by: Turnip on January 10, 2019,10:45:50
Hi folks,

Have one in where cust noted vague backlight but no picture or sound. Noticed the S/by Led doesn't show, so checked the P/I where all seems OK with voltage fed to the backlights.

Have a 'LG SSB' feeling as a few voltages are present, but the Red Led in the digital audio out doesn't glow. Thought check Ebay for SSBs discovering several different screens used, none with HC320DXN.

Good in parts, as commonly used screens have regular duff Led issues.

Feel might be a 'cooking' possibility - Chris.

Later - Cooked SSB but no different, but noticed the s/by Led under the set flashed once so took the screen off finding one burned 6v Led - Should have guessed.