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Title: No colour issues with Vestel slot in DVDs.
Post by: Turnip on January 10, 2019,10:56:29
Hi folks,

Just had a 'Sharp' 22 in where DVD played monochrome. Had it in a year ago for duff Schottky issues where the DVD worked OK.

Puzzled - But noted an entry by 'Watteau' John a while back which sorted the problem.

Modified it a bit due to local experience - Chris.

To access service mode with some slot-in dvd used in JMB, Bush, Murphy, Toshiba etc.

Input select DVD

Press 'DISPLAY' (WITH NO DISK IN), then,  1, 3, 5, 7 (or  John says)

Change REGION CODE to '0' for all regions (from whatever).

If  patterning after changing the DVD assembly in 'VIDEO', change CVBS TO Y/C
(can sometimes give a monochrome picture if set incorrectly)

On some models the 'Navigate' button (the button with 'OK' at the centre)
just moves the selection up/down, but on others, they have this effect:

UP    - REGION ADJUST (set to 0)
LEFT  - SPDIF (set to 2 menu select)
DOWN  - VIDEO Y/C or CVBS  (set to CVBS)
(Checked my own working Digihome)

When finished, go to STANDBY, then switch on again to STORE. (If you donít, it wonít work, probably coming on in B&W)

John (Watteau)