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Title: Tandberg Series 4000X Reel to Reel.
Post by: Turnip on January 20, 2019,10:23:16
Hi folks,

Have one in, where after 'servicing' the idler - Had a flat spot. It works pretty well, but on 'play' the pressure roller doesn't quite meet the capstan spindle - Has to be pushed in by hand, where everything works well. Guess it's mechanical but can't see the reason.

Also the lever which trips the microswitch at 'tape-end' clicks, but the motor doesn't stop. Guess might be something obvious explaining both but can't yet see it.

Guess a popular old timer with an amazing frequency response - Gather to 22khz at 2db down at 7 and a half - Chris.

Being at bit ancient (Me) I recently checked my hearing with a Chinese audio generator coupled to a speaker. Horrified as can't now hear anything above 7.5Khz - Tried it with a younger chap of 50 who could do 15khz no problem.

He's a social worker, and wondered if I could knock up a few more as he's into sight and hearing loss.

Thought not at the moment as busy sorting 'LUX' thingies where the detector becomes dubious, though substitutes on Ebay which seem to work pretty well, though can't calibrate - No comebacks yet though.