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Title: Panasonic DMR-BCT755EG
Post by: thoma on August 23, 2020,13:48:35
 Panasonic DMR-BCT755 EG
Hallo to all repairmans!
I have the above equipment from panasonic with blueray player cabletuner an d
Harddrive the problem is i have no Menü and picture over
HDMI sound over cinch is available
Can you help me any ideas?
Regards thoma!
Title: Re: Panasonic DMR-BCT755EG
Post by: astracat on August 30, 2020,20:13:53
hi did this just stop or has it never worked for ,just saying as have had this problem with early hdmi cables also what other outputs are there socket wise?
hdmi cable version should be rated at over 3 to cope with newer signals
Title: Re: Panasonic DMR-BCT755EG
Post by: michael first on October 19, 2020,06:42:36
Hello Thoma,try to put the system into service mode and try a factory reset.
Here is how to access the service:  Information necessary for service can be displayed.
Service mode setting:
1. Turn the power off.
2. Press the [5] [9] and  button simultaneously for 5 seconds, then "70 RET" is displayed on FL.
3. Press the [ ] button to select until "80 SRV" is displayed on FL.
4. Press the [OK] button.
5. It is displayed on FL as "Welcome-->SERV".: It is shown to have entered the service mode.
6. The command is transmitted by attached remote control.
Remote Control:
[R] =
[Y] = [YELLOW]
Method of making clear service mode: Press the power button (power off).
The display of information to each command is as follows.
Do not use it excluding the designated command.