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Title: 1084s power l.e.d. not much else
Post by: mortismaker on June 07, 2021,06:11:05
Hi everyone,

I got lucky and found this sight while searching for a starting point for an old Amiga 1084-S monitor.

Figured I run this past you all and see what your thoughts are.

I am somewhat experienced in working on older equipment and have a decent supply of tools, but I have forgotten much about older analog devices. To be honest, I really hate discharging CRTs. I always expect them to drain, and yet when they do - ugh.  Oh, even though I have swapped a few CRTs in my day, I'm also always nervous about moving them around. I've only ever seen one break and it took a bowling ball and a friend with some serious issues to do it, but still...

Anyway, I have a 1084-S that sat around for many years before I got it. I plugged it in and do have the green power on L.E.D. on the front panel. That is about all there is. No degaussing, no high voltage wine, no CRT heater - nada.

I have looked for broken solder joints, cracked board, burned areas, signs of hot areas, did a few press and gentle tap tests and I get nothing at all.

The internet trends toward the flyback as likely toast, but I'm not sure where to look. I peeked around at the voltage regs (but i honestly don't remember which legs do what).

Before I set this aside for a future (read probably never) work day; would anyone here have any suggestions on where to look first?  It's somewhat humorous that back in the 80s and 90s most TV repair shops would probably be able to fix this monitor but wouldn't mess with the Amiga. Today I can more or less fix an Amiga and am lost on the CRT.

Anyways, thanks for checking out the thread.

Very best,
Title: Re: 1084s power l.e.d. not much else
Post by: jordan on June 07, 2021,06:37:46
Title: Re: 1084s power l.e.d. not much else
Post by: mortismaker on June 07, 2021,08:45:46


That is very very helpful Jordan.  I think I have something to do next weekend.  :13: