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Title: UE55MU6200K
Post by: t1412 on January 23, 2022,12:26:36
Hi fella's just heads up on this tv, it's a samsung  UE55MU6200K came in with standby power wouldn't do anything took back off, disconnected main board,powered tv up, backlight strobbing, my thoughts straight away were backlight fault, but still do checks, checked for dry solder joints on transformers, were ok. then tested transistors, were ok then came across 2 diodes d9001c d9002c both mur460g  one was shorted replaced tv up and running,
psu board is bn44-00807A thanks

Title: Re: UE55MU6200K
Post by: downunder on January 24, 2022,04:11:04

Hello Shaun the Sheep,
Nice to have a win sometimes - thanks for the heads up.                         Bruce