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Title: Regular problems
Post by: Turnip on May 29, 2011,12:58:19
Hi Mulja/Folks,

Seems that there are several regular repair problems which due to the nature of the site tend to get buried by new entries.

Folks don't always dig back through old threads for answers - can't blame 'em myself.

Is there perhaps a possibility of a static "Pain of the year section" where we can talk Vestel and more Vestel, then those duff screens.

Admit, I feel Vestel are great - they do it, do it cheap, and sometimes you can get a shematic.

Chinese are cheap at the moment - but no shematics - ever.

Title: Re: Regular problems
Post by: arslanshanu on July 20, 2021,12:44:38
I am losing Traffic day by day i dont no why