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LG 47LN578V - Backlight issue
« on: April 10, 2017,12:24:39 »
Hi folks, and thanks Bonesy.

Noticed topic had shifted to 'what led' where my current problem is a little different.
Replaced duff Leds - reassembled and found set cut to S/by at switch on.

As Bonesy suggested, cap C802(33/200) having been wobbled about a bit on the Led change biz, had become disconnected, also breaking the print feeding the backlights.

Sorted that and found no other loose cap issues. Plugged in - Straight to S/by so guess I've offended something.

Discovered Q801 (MDD7N25) S/C - It's connected to C802 so suspect the print break caused drain voltage to rise a bit. Can't find any on Ebay so going to try FQP9N25 though it's not SMD.

Suspect other folks might do something similar, so suggest remove the P/I board before attacking the Leds - Chris.

Later - Used FQP9N25 cutting it down with a hacksaw and soldered in as an SMD - Works OK.

Now got a small heap of MDD7N25 from China if anyone wants one cheap.
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LG 47LN578V - Backlight issue
« on: April 10, 2017,12:24:39 »


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