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Where do they come from!
« on: December 15, 2017,07:12:06 »
I found it very quiet this month tbh,although I only repair part time these day's.Anyway phone rings the other day.voice with a Kenneth Williams type comedy tone.
"oooh hello there how are you"
 yes fine thanks how can I help?
"Well it's the old tele box,it's making an awful funny noise,crackles & bangs something awful it does,& a nasty smell,orrible,orrible it is,what's going on?" 
Is it an old tube style t.v. & what brand?
"oooh,Mitsubishi,blue diamond,5yr warranty set,say's so on the label"
So I went through the whole thing of LOPTX breaking down,EHT caps,not using it anymore cos it's dangerous,the usual sort of advise,followed by time for new set.
"Ooooh,that's a shame,I mean the freeview box is only a few years old ,what a waste,eeer,I ad it unplugged for over twenty minutes now & it's still making little click's & pops,like its talking to me
ooh I don't like it,don't like it at all"
Get your self up the shops or on internet,order yourself a nice new set,you'll be amazed how good the pictures can be from the new sets,treat yourself for Christmas.
"ooh so that's it then,can't be fixed,I remember Mum & Dad buying the tele,ever so dear it was"
At least it made me laugh,but where do these folk come from,is there another alternative universe,that sometimes clashes with ours.

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