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Sony KDL-32W670A
« on: May 02, 2018,11:16:19 »
Sony smart LED TV model number KDL-32W670A. This TV when powered on, it shows no pilot LED indication, no pic & no  function. After about 5 minutes set goes to stand by & exhibit 8imes red LED blinking.
I have tried to reset TV by simultaneous pressing of power button on TV & up button on remote & then switching main power, but not successful. When I put USB stick with software update in USB socket, then press power button on TV & then switch on main power, blue pilot LED turns on but still then the software update procedure do not takes place while blue LED remain on until I switch off main power.
Please help in solving this fault.
P R Gore.

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Sony KDL-32W670A
« on: May 02, 2018,11:16:19 »


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Re: Sony KDL-32W670A
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2018,05:27:03 »
Hi PRG, this seems to work when trying to update Sony TVs:

AC off, USB stick in, mains on. Do nothing for 2 minutes.
Turn the TV on with remote control and leave the set on.
Updates after a while but may take up to 20 min.
The "wait" period after power on seems critical.
If the USB stick has a LED it will indicate if the TV has accessed it.

Also, when you download the update it's usually a RAR file. It should be downloaded to a folder on the computer first, then unpacked
(extracted) to the USB stick, otherwise it won't work. Upgraded a KD55X7000 today - the file was just shy of 2 GB and took about 30 minutes before the screen spluttered into life.

I'll upload the service manual shortly but it doesn't even list error codes, although I'm fairly sure code 6 is the main board.

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