Author Topic: Samsung UE55K6300AK BIN DUMP  (Read 8848 times)

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Samsung UE55K6300AK BIN DUMP
« on: November 23, 2018,19:46:08 »
Had a little trouble with this one, non starter, no Service Mode, just standby LED and response from Remote, but Bricked.
Main Board BN41-02534B Hawk-M-FHD-PR02, You will see a GD 25Q41BSIG SOP8@200, under Processor Heatsink.
Stange number, won't work in a 200 SOP8 socket, use a 200 SOP20 and you'll get read and write.
I used RT809H to do the work, BIN was dumped 3 time and verfied to be sure off aworking board.
Hope helps someone out, good luck to all.
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