Author Topic: 17PW82-2 V.1 090511 lcd tv SHARP LC-32SH130E (mainboard 17MB60-4.1)  (Read 283 times)

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I'm looking for the schematic diagram of this 17PW82-2 V.1 090511, I found many schemes of 17PW82-2, but it differs pretty much from what I have, in the sense that my plate is missing:
    IC829 D879 Q862 D901 Q815 and Q816 (Schottky double diode) and the related passive components.Simptoms of the TV: go PFC = 398V missing 5V St.By, missing 12V-24V (IC830 = NCP1392 powered-no control pulses are present for Q813-Q814. The St.By LED does not light up, if the side touch is touched, the characteristic beep is heard. I suspect the defective NCP (I do not have it only at ASWO shop), but there I would be very useful the exact scheme of this source. Thank you in advance!
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