Author Topic: Sony Bravia 40v5500 red flashing light, 6 times.  (Read 8181 times)

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Sony Bravia 40v5500 red flashing light, 6 times.
« on: January 11, 2019,11:52:30 »
Hi, i am a newbie here, and am looking for some help, if anybody can? i have a brand new Sony Bravia 40v5500, it's an old TV now, i bought it and never used it, i took it out the box, plugged in an aerial, and saw it was working, it spent a long time not being used, anyway, this TV was going to be in my room on the wall, but had to decorate first, which i have just got around to doing as i have work commitments, so, my son rings me and said can he use the TV, i said yes, he plugged it in and said it wasn't working, and all we have now is 6 red flashed from the tv, when we switch it on the green light comes first, then it goes to red flashing. any help would be great, thank you

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