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Samsung Ue40D5000PW
« on: September 05, 2019,14:25:20 »
Hello. TV is Samsung 40D5000PW, panel LTJ400HM03-B. One day after power on apear 1px horizontal line all over TV 5mm from upper part of screen. Next day all screen begin little flickering like if use 30HZ instead of 60. I disassemble it. Remove right t-con ribbons and clean it with eraser. no effect. Then put back left and right ribons and begin to slow pinch on right edge of t-con right socket, line is dissapear. Remove t-con board, clean it with air and put it back. Right t-con side now produce only 30% of image (black (no image)) and 15% have image. Also appear 3 horizontal flickering lines. All pics attached. Display panel don't any phisycal damage and water not spoil on it. I disassemble panel and look all riboons leading to matrix glass with microscope all is good no microfractures and
oxidation. Don't understand how a cleaning of t-con by air povide this. I bought new t-con board and got the same. Test t-con all voltage is okey. What to do next. I also test voltage under non working part of screen. If make little pressure non working screen part it begin produce white color. 15% of working image of right side has higher black contrast. Thx. What to do next. Any Ideas?
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Samsung Ue40D5000PW
« on: September 05, 2019,14:25:20 »


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Re: Samsung Ue40D5000PW
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2019,12:39:25 »
try pressing ribbon nearer to screen if that cures its possibly connection to screen ,common problem on some screens only perminent cure replace screen, sometimes it can be padded with something between screen and its caseing


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