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Viore / LG 42" Plasma TV Control board LED info?


I would like to know if anyone would know what the 4 green led's  indicate to the upper left side of the main chip (LGPCMx05A)? A working TV has the middle two lit, my tv has the top 3 lit. A diagnostic tool perhaps? Is there an LG repair manual that could shed some light on this.

My control board part number is : 6870QCH0CSC ;  model : 42V8 &X3 ; LGEPDP 06016

The Problem with the tv is no picture but sound and input select, volume , etc.. work fine. In a dark room a half a dozen pixels will fire red at random spots on the screen, but very dim.

Also what should the voltage be at the large ribbon cables on the Z-board to ground? I get 70volts, I don't think that is high enough, but i don't know what I should expect here.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thank you,


Give full tv model number i check for service manual :wink1:

Sound's like fault is in X or Y board
Voltage printed on small label on the screen is
something like  Va=60v,Vs=170v
LG always have fuses on X and Y boards
check the fuses

I have the same problem with my AKAI PDP42Z5TA (LGPDP42X3200)
Was working fine then got very grainy then only some pixels were lit around the edges. I've replaced the power supply and it worked for 2 hours then same thing. Any suggestions?


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