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Thompson DT16300-25 help
« on: April 09, 2015,15:42:02 »
I just replaced the two 1000uF 16V caps in this box, the set remained dead so I thought and puff, a puff of smoke then by magic the box powered up, the LEDS lit up.

The culprit was a SMD transistor, near the adjustable zener and SMD regulator, anyone knows what it is? This is very close to U44 and U45.

It was quite hilarious really, replaced the caps. switched ON, nothing - dead, reached for the voltmeter before I could do anything else POOF, the darn thing lit up blindingly bright. Not having done anything on these boxes (Thompson telly' n' video recorders yes.... nuff said on them), is there a circuit diagram or info on the device that blew available?

Reason I found it hilarious it's a Thompson.

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Thompson DT16300-25 help
« on: April 09, 2015,15:42:02 »


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