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Excellent! yes, one tardy LED is enough to induce the problem. I reckon you've got it licked.
Hi Bruce,

I replaced the Power board, but to my luck, the replacement P. board only lasted for two days, after which, it completely went out. This time, the red stand-by light also disappeared (this wasn't an issue with the original board). So, I re-installed the original power board for time being.

I replaced the old backlights with a new set. I did carry out a test on the old backlights, they were all working, but, one of the LED, even though, it lit-up, but had a few nano-second delay (nano second flickering). Let's see, if this new set of backlights resolve this issue, at least, now I can rule out the Power-board and the backlights.

Thank you for your reply and help. You have been very helpful!

LCD TV forum / Re: LG55EA980W
« Last post by downunder on October 30, 2023,19:28:11  »

I don't have the service manual for that model - doubt it would have the psu schematic anyway. Standby is mostly generated by a small 8 pin IC next to a small transformer, usually supplied by a small bridge rectifier connected permanently to the mains.                Bruce

You ordered the LED strips without checking them first? I hope they were cheap.. Most likely a bad connection, but at least you may pick it up when you strip the display panel. Bon chance.                Bruce
LCD TV forum / Re: LG55EA980W
« Last post by call me al on October 30, 2023,16:05:04  »
thanks Bruce .yep cant see any sign of standby volts but cant see why.Will have another look around this and get back
Hello Bruce,

Thank you again for your reply and advice. You have been very helpful. You are right, it may be the faulty LED backlights. I have ordered a new set of backlights and waiting for them to be delivered. In a meantime, I have gone ahead and changed the power board as well, as they got delivered the very next day and easier, plus, economical to replace. Anyways, let's see if a new set of Backlights and a power board would resolves this issues.

Thank you very much! and really appreciate! your help and inputs.  :c017:

Personally, I'm now putting my money on a fault in the LED strips. Might be time to disassemble the display and inspect the backlights. Seems the
slightest tickle restores backlights. The backlights will still operate with the display and diffuser  sheets removed. Have a poke around the various connectors.                              Bruce
Hello Bruce (Downunder) and SinclairTv , thank you very much for your comment and suggestions, they are helpful in attempting to resolve this issue.

The backlight went off again after 5 days, but, this time, STEP 1, I unplugged the Backlight cable from the power board and plugged it back again to see if it works, it didn't.
However, STEP 2, when I unplugged the same Backlight cable from the power board and then tried to power the backlight using an LED tester the backlight lit-up, after this I simply re-attached the backlight cable into the power board and to my surprise the backlight and TV started to work again.

Here, I am bit confused, I am not sure, if it is the backlight or power board itself which is faulty? Because, all I did in 2nd step was feed some electricity into the backlight through and LED-tester for few seconds and then it attached it back to the power board and the backlight worked, so, I am not sure, if somehow the backlight is failing or it is getting a signal after running for few hours to turn-off?

I would really appreciate your help! thank you.
LCD TV forum / Re: LG55EA980W
« Last post by downunder on October 28, 2023,21:13:12  »

Hi Al, standby volts is always a good place to start.
LCD TV forum / LG55EA980W
« Last post by call me al on October 27, 2023,14:08:59  »
Hi everyone have this 55" lg curved tv model 55ea980w its totally dead no standby light.Have checked all fuses and cant see anything obvious.Any suggestions where to look further very welcome.Many thanks Al
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