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« Last post by jose almeida tavares on November 25, 2021,12:56:47  »
Hello, i need the firmware or memory dump data for this tv. The panel is model LTA460HJ14. Thanks.
LCD TV forum / Re: panasonic tx-L42D25B
« Last post by downunder on November 25, 2021,02:40:03  »

Well who would've thunk it - thanks for the feedback, Shaun.

LCD TV forum / Re: panasonic tx-L42D25B
« Last post by t1412 on November 24, 2021,13:06:46  »
massive thanks for the tech tip the backlight is the fault,

LCD TV forum / Re: panasonic tx-L42D25B
« Last post by t1412 on November 24, 2021,09:23:28  »
Hi vince/brucie the screen does flash up for a second then off, starts flashing 7 error blink code thanks 

LCD TV forum / Re: panasonic tx-L42D25B
« Last post by downunder on November 24, 2021,03:04:22  »

Very interesting, fix2003. A check of the service manual says that code 7 ia a Sub_3.3V_Sense_SOS, which would generally mean the Main (A Board). Granted the error codes are not always gospel but it would be easy enough for a person of Shaun's ability to test your solution.
Go Shaun the sheep - I'd be interested to know your findings.                  Bruce
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by downunder on November 24, 2021,02:52:36  »

OK, so where you've written "end point", after you remove the speakers and the wi-fi module, you'll find usually 2 metal strips. Remove these as well and underneath you'll find 2 thin long circuit boards attached to the display panel (= panel). This also is the entry point for the 2 large flexies which are removable here if necessary.

These 2 long boards feed data into the display panel and it's on these that you'll find the capacitors, not the type you've pictured but tiny chips (chips) which are surface mounted and designated C---. Usually quite a few on each board. While you are there, make sure no liquid has found its way down the screen front and caused corrosion at the many flexies that are bonded into the panel base. This is bad news for a display panel and can also cause "no image". See how you go with that.
LCD TV forum / Re: panasonic tx-L42D25B
« Last post by fix2003 on November 24, 2021,02:37:39  »
note found on web
Panasonic TXL42D25 Error 7
This one was not to difficult to diagnose but i thought i would share the info as it was interesting.

This LED back light TV would attempt to switch on with a brief flash of back light then the TV would shut down and give error code 7

the manual states error 7 is A or XW Board

My first thoughts were power supply but i removed the outputs to the LED's and the set ran with no back light sound etc
was fine.

as this was under warranty i did not investigate the panel any further but i assume one of the LED sections were O/C

This is my first LED back light failure and is one to look out for.

Anyone else had this kind of problem?
replacement screen cured the fault.
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 23, 2021,10:20:05  »
Hello Bruce
Listen I have a vocabulary issue. It's the first time I open a TV (but I am doing quite well thnx to you)
I attached a picture with the way I call the components, can you indicate which of the components is the panel?
after I will understand which part I need to check -I will check it. I imagine the it's done with the multimeter. is it's so - should I test for voltage or for the test with the beep sound?
I have also attached a photo of my idea of capacitor :)

Thnx again
LCD TV forum / panasonic tx-L42D25B
« Last post by t1412 on November 23, 2021,07:11:51  »
Hi fella's got a panasonic TX-L42D25B 7 blink error code, it's saying mainboard, any other info would be great thanks

LCD TV forum / Re: Samsung UE43RU7020KXXU
« Last post by downunder on November 23, 2021,04:08:27  »

Hi Al, Refit the flexies and disconnect the main from the p/supply. if the p/supply and backlights are OK, the backlights should come on and stay on. In theory, that means the main is faulty, but not always so - I've been caught before on these. Given that removing the flexies allows the backlights to work could also mean you have a faulty panel, because the flexies also feed an SOS signal back to the main, and you're negating that SOS by disconnecting the flexies. Bit of a catch 22. Does this model use 2 large flexies that go straight to the panel i.e. the T-con is incorporated on the main?                      Bruce
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