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LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 23, 2021,10:20:05  »
Hello Bruce
Listen I have a vocabulary issue. It's the first time I open a TV (but I am doing quite well thnx to you)
I attached a picture with the way I call the components, can you indicate which of the components is the panel?
after I will understand which part I need to check -I will check it. I imagine the it's done with the multimeter. is it's so - should I test for voltage or for the test with the beep sound?
I have also attached a photo of my idea of capacitor :)

Thnx again
LCD TV forum / panasonic tx-L42D25B
« Last post by t1412 on November 23, 2021,07:11:51  »
Hi fella's got a panasonic TX-L42D25B 7 blink error code, it's saying mainboard, any other info would be great thanks

LCD TV forum / Re: Samsung UE43RU7020KXXU
« Last post by downunder on November 23, 2021,04:08:27  »

Hi Al, Refit the flexies and disconnect the main from the p/supply. if the p/supply and backlights are OK, the backlights should come on and stay on. In theory, that means the main is faulty, but not always so - I've been caught before on these. Given that removing the flexies allows the backlights to work could also mean you have a faulty panel, because the flexies also feed an SOS signal back to the main, and you're negating that SOS by disconnecting the flexies. Bit of a catch 22. Does this model use 2 large flexies that go straight to the panel i.e. the T-con is incorporated on the main?                      Bruce
LCD TV forum / Samsung UE43RU7020KXXU
« Last post by call me al on November 22, 2021,15:54:54  »
Hi all,have this Samsung ue43ru7020,not coming on ,disconnected the two flexi cables to the screen and the backlights come on.Is there any way to determine if the fault is the main board or the panel,even with either of the flexi leads connected still wont come on.
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by downunder on November 21, 2021,02:10:03  »

You've done well with that test. So it looks like one half of the panel is dragging down the whole screen. Only thing left to do is to remove the covers on the two long strips along the bottom of the panel and check all the surface mount capacitors on the bad half for shorts. Both boards will have a fair similarity so you can do comparisons. If you come up blank with that, then almost certainly the panel is faulty.            Bruce
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 20, 2021,07:04:47  »
Hi Bruce
thanks for your test. I did it and you can see the results in the pictures: the cables config. and the result
I will describe it also:
when the red cable was connected and the white was disconnected = Nothing. Black Screen, sounds NotOk.
when only the white LVDSi s connected = > half panel is in white, sounds OK.
(The white in the picture is more strong the in reality).
Tell me what do you think. and something to wonder about - if this test teach us that the panel is NotOK. is it possible that the panel is OK and I'am dealing with a faulty cable?

LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by downunder on November 18, 2021,03:26:00  »

Hi Snuf3. You can try removing one of the two flexi cables (LVDS cables) while the TV is OFF. Switch on and observe the screen. If the panel is OK you should get a clean white screen on half the panel (disconnected side). Then refit the flexi and disconnect the second one and power on again.
Report your results. This works on conventional LED TVs that have a separate T-Con but some TVs like the Samsung with no T-Con board cannot be tested this way because an SOS signal is generated via the LVDS cables to disable the TV.
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 17, 2021,09:33:26  »
Thanks Bruce.
your answers help me and motivate me to not give up.
You said that a defect in one half can cause this problem and this is what I am going to check
Is there a way to isolate the source of the problem?
Can I do a test to see if it's the cable that is the source?
maybe to switch the right with the left?
My goal is to eliminate component by component till I find the problem.
(I am starting with the cable since it's the comp. that is less complex) .

LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by downunder on November 15, 2021,02:49:08  »

I see what you mean re T-Con - must be incorporated into the main board -copying Samsung. The panel itself may well be the problem. A defect on one half can cause the entire screen to blank out. May do well to try the "block-off" method in the video. Not sure what the artistry  was about but he was actually using sticky tape to isolate (block off) some of the contacts on the flexi cable.

Maybe he was lucky, or found the defective line before he made the video, because I spent 3 days last week on a similar Samsung 65 inch trying to achieve a similar outcome. Eventually I had to scrap it. An additional problem with the Samsung is that if you remove either flexi, the TV will not start. Good luck - Bruce
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 14, 2021,14:38:46  »
Well I guess that what I called the mother board is the T con but I want to aboard another subject.
I saw a video of someone who manage to FIX the problem by taking a pen and painting over the cable and blocking pins
When I do it I see that the right cable presnet half white screen image (dim, not strong white)
and the left one show no image. So I  think that the cables may be the problem.
Here is the video. I find his solution orginal. I can't do it myself since he didn't explained it in English
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