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LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 14, 2021,13:31:31  »
Hi again
I saw some videos out there about the T con , fuse and some tests... But My T con doesnt look like a T con and it seems like I have 2 of them.
I attched some photos. You can see that the T con has the width of all the screen and also that I have two of them
Is this the T con? I am not really sure
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 14, 2021,10:38:33  »
I will open the TV and I will try to to the max tests possible.
Is there are some other test you suggest me to preform?

If I run over the different components . Can you confirm that my assumptions are correct?
LED: not causing the problem since I have a faintly lit screen + torch test that show no images
Power supply: I have sound, the TV is on. work perfect
Mother Board: Can/ should I test it?
T-Con: the first thing to test...
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by downunder on November 09, 2021,02:23:40  »

Meter is fine. Yesterday all I got on the link was images of dogs. A faintly lit screen means that the backlights are working but no data is being fed to the screen from along the bottom of the panel -hence the need to check the fuse on
the T-con board. Unlikely that the backlights are faulty - a few dead LEDs will usually shut the backlights down due to current sensing. The torch test proves that no picture data is getting to the screen, so a faulty T-con or a faulty display are the likely scenario.
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 08, 2021,09:56:38  »
Thanks, I will check it. After searching the net I think my situation is better described as "backlight but no display". When I turn the TV, it change to a shade of gray which mean that there is backlight. I have a question.
Since I never used a Multimeter:
1. can you tell me if the one I provided as a link is good for my needs?
2. Can it be that Most of the lamps are ok but there is a few defectives lamps that cause this problem?
3. I tried to "light torch the screen" test. I didn't see an image
LCD TV forum / Re: LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by downunder on November 08, 2021,03:40:51  »

A multimeter would be a good step but not for checking the LEDs since you state the the LEDs are alight and therefore working, but it would be helpful to check if you're getting 12Volt on both sides of the fuse on the T-con board. The fuse will be tiny and located close by to where the flexi from the main board connects to the T-con.                Bruce
LCD TV forum / LG TV: image = No. sound = Yes
« Last post by Snuf3 on November 08, 2021,02:50:48  »
Hi Everyone
I have an LG 43UK6300 TV
After 2.5 years of use, the image disappeared all of a sudden but I can hear the sound (even the sound that comes from my PC /HDMI)

I want and I will repair it myself. But I need a small piece of advice.
I baked the motherboard at 200 degrees in the oven for 10 minutes (Utube Video) and the only result: I feel dumb  :57:- it didn't help.
When I opened the TV I saw that the LED lamps are working. They emit light
My next step: buying a Multimeter for checking the LEDs
I never worked with one. Will you think that this one should do the work?ètre-numérique-AstroAI-amplificateur-tension/dp/B01ISAMUA6?ref_=ast_sto_dp

*If anyone has a suggestion / another step that I should follow - I will be happy to hear
*Should I check also other components with the Multimeter?

LCD TV forum / Re: toshiba 40bv700b
« Last post by t1412 on October 28, 2021,10:22:13  »
all fixed i replace the tuner thanks

LCD TV forum / Panasonic 32" screen replacement problem
« Last post by smokesize on October 23, 2021,23:09:30  »
Hello everyone. I have some old Panasonic tv with 51 pin connector on board but I broke my screen and I have another one but with 30 pin LVDS. So I made the simple conversion 12V to 12V, ground to ground, and all 5 pairs data cables RGB, Clock and one more pair I don't know for what it is. But when I turn the tv it stuck on some check with changing Red Blue Green White and Black colours. Does anyone have some ideas what am I missing. Thanks!

LCD TV forum / Re: Sony KDL55W800C Stuck On Sony Logo
« Last post by Hwciua4i on October 21, 2021,09:07:06  »
Hi Bruce,

Sorry I hadn't noticed that there had been a response - thanks for the help again, but so far no luck
LCD TV forum / Re: samsung le40c530
« Last post by downunder on October 21, 2021,05:25:00  »

Since the backlights are still out when the mains lead is unplugged, it may not be the eeprom. There were ccfl testers in the old days but I never did trust them much. Could compare the inverter transformers readings on ohms and see if one varies markedly compared to the others.
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